Like no place on Earth.



Venice. There’s simply no place on Earth like it, or at least no place like anywhere that I’ve been anyway. You can’t help but be wowed by this city on the water, a city that was originally built on a malarial swamp many centuries ago.

Gliding past people’s front doors on the Grand Canal, courtesy of Vaporetto No.1, you can only imagine what life on the water must be like. No cars in the garage here, but a small speedboat tied up outside, is the mode of transport around this iconic city on the Adriatic.

And if in the end the architecture and history of Venice is of no interest to you, and it’s romance that you’re after, then this surely is the very epicentre of all things love. Actually, even if you don’t have a significant other, then I tell you that the city itself will capture your heart!


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