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JOHN RABY meets Anna Fitzgerald, an artist with a unique & refreshing style who is making a real impact on the art scene in Exmouth.

Anna Fitzgerald is a prolific and successful artist living and working in Exmouth. I caught up with her at a seafront exhibition, organised by the Exmouth Art Group, where she had four pieces on sale and by the time I had arrived she had already sold three of them. Anna, it turns out, is quite the leading light on the art scene in Exmouth.

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Where I live.


North Devon is a special place. I’ve lived here most of my life and in terms of natural beauty, it’s hard to beat. We get our fair share of rain, but that’s why it’s so green and lush – as you can see.

I’ve lost count of the times that I’ve roamed these hills and had my breath taken away by the rugged coastline stretching out before me. On a good clear day, numerous coves and bays are clearly visible.

It’s a great place to think, pray and consider without fear of being disturbed. The fresh sea air and perfect solitude has a unique way of clearing the mental fog in your brain. I really recommend it.




There surely is no shortage of natural beauty in the lush, green county of Devon. There’s a reason why it rhymes with heaven.

2 coastlines, distinctively different from each other, 2 vast expanses of open moorland, sheep, cows, clotted cream and sleep inducing fresh air are what makes this place special.

I could wax lyrical about wooded valleys and babbling brooks, but I think you get the picture. Space, peace and tranquillity are what this county is all about.

And yes I know it rains a lot in between the sunshine, but how else would it be so green?